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The Best Gel Pad -
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Great product! I just bought 3 more packs! I used the flatter bow-shaped piece to hold up a self that must’ve weighed about 6KG. I like the bendable pad a lot to prop up my devices just slightly, like on my dashboard for the GPS or in the kitchen while cooking



I use in home, in office, in everyplace. I like keeping under my laptop so it secure and my cat no fall it to the floor. I like for organisation of small things to, and keep them available, like remotes and keys. My friends all like so much the pads and how many ways to use, they bought more on my recommend!



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Crash Victims

A portion of the proceeds from
your purchase will provide care
and comfort for those injured
in car accidents

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Overall Rating:

Awesome 151 reviews
What Customers Loved The Most:
10 Swapnil D.
Verified Buyer

I first buy them for to hang portraits on my wall. I have very thin walls and i didnt want to cause injury by drilling holes. The holes would just tear thru the wall and not hold artwork anyway. I was so much impressed with the gel pads. They works GREAT! Nothing yet fallen off the walls or move, and I can keep my walls looking nice with no holes!


9.8 Gotam P.
Verified Buyer

My favorite thing about these pads is how I can use them for so many different things. I was pretty doubtful these would hold anything, but I was very surprised to see how strong they really were. They held a tablet up no problem to my kitchen tile. One of the uses is to keep all my computer wires to the back of my desk and off the floor. I also use them by the door to keep my keys in place (I’m always losing them). Overall, very nice product.


9.5 Chiranjivi A
Verified Buyer

I have these all around my house and keep spares in my drawers in case a friend ever needs one. They are very useful, and hold all sorts of things in place. I especially like to use them in my car. I’ll hold my Xiaomi to my dash while I’m looking at directions. But I also use it to keep sunglasses at arm’s reach or pens or just anything I could need. And it’s easy to remove, the surface underneath looked absolutely perfect.


10 Aruna A.
Verified Buyer

I have a tendency to lose remotes, glasses, etc. These help me keep everything right where I need them. I also love using this on my coffee table to keep different trinkets and stuff in place so my cat doesn’t knock them off! If they get a little dusty, a quick rinse get them as good as new.


10 Sheetafi S.
Verified Buyer

VERY IMPRESSIVE! I use these everywhere. In the morning, I’ll place my phone on my mirror to watch videos or the news while I’m getting ready. Also great for makeup tutorials, so I can follow along while looking in the mirror. It’s never let me down. Whenever the pad gets a bit dusty I just wash it and it’s good to go again!


9.8 Vinay B.
Verified Buyer

I drive an Ola cab, and after some unsuccessful attempts with phone mounts, I decided to try these gel pads after seeing an ad for them. I think they are so much better than phone mounts. They are so small and hide right behind your phone so you don’t see them. Those phone mounts that you click your phone into are so big and get in the way of my view. I only have to glance at this for a second to be able to see where I’m going, just like checking the speed while I’m driving. Keeps distractions at a minimum and makes me feel safer behind the wheel.


8.9 Akhila B.
Verified Buyer

I like these pads a lot and they work as advertised. They are very sticky, but are easy to remove without any damage. I just wish they were transparent. My phone is on the smaller side and you can see the black edges of the pad sticking out behind it if i have it held up on a light surface. It’s fine though on my black steering wheel.


10 Anik R.
Verified Buyer

Works great on wood, ceramic, even textured plaster (like in the picture). I also like how the pads aren’t too wide or long, so they hide perfectly behind a phone or tablet. For hanging larger items I just use 3 to 4 pads and they hold anything up great! If you are just using them to mount something one time (like a frame) then they can stick forever, but if you are removing and putting something back on frequently (like a phone), they can get a bit dirty and need to be washed every week or two, but are very sticky again once they dry.


9.9 Rohan D.
Verified Buyer

I feel so confident that these support my phone that I can leave it attached to the pads (I like the folding one) from a high up space and not worry about it falling and cracking my screen. That’s how much I trust these pads. I’ve used them to hold and mount much heavier things than my phone, so no worries at all about it’s abilities to hold my smart phone.


9.8 Divya R.
Verified Buyer

I make YouTube videos showing how to do different arts & crafts. I use the pad to stick my phone to the wall in front of my work station so I can get a great view of whatever I’m doing. This is really a great product for people who like DIY! I even made one video about the gel pads and showed all the different ways you can use them for various projects!


9.8 Sonu M.
Verified Buyer

I really like the size of the pads and the fact that there are two of them in the package. I like using it to hold up my portable speaker to the bathroom wall when I’m taking a shower so I can listen to music. Even if it gets humid in the bathroom, the speaker still stays up no problem. They hold any object with a good grip, no matter how light it is or what texture it has.


10 Gopinath D.
Verified Buyer

Very very nice device. Its much better quality than I expect for how the low price. The silicone gel is more big than I thought it would be and makes me feel safe in hanging something from it. I don’t have TV in my room, but I was able to hold my large Samsung tablet to my wall and watch movies at night. It’s an expensive tablet and I nott worry it will fall!


9.7 Ritika G.
Verified Buyer

Very economical solution to any device mounting needs. There are many limitations with typical lock in phone holders, but this is very simple and clean. I use these pads a lot for when I go out and want to get some hands-free selfies. They’re also great in my Suzuki Brezza for when I need to glance at the GPS. I hate having my phone slide along the seat, and I don’t like how big and awkward the phone holders are. I’m very happy I found this product.


9.1 Raj R.
Verified Buyer

This is a very durable product, and im surprised that it could stand being in heat in my car in the direct sun and my phone still didn’t slide off of it. I wish more came in the pack besides two, and that they did have smaller sizes for other things, but I also realized you can cut one of them to suit your needs.


10 Venkat S.
Verified Buyer

I got these to clean the wheels of my car. It’s so much faster with the Scrub Boss than doing it by hand. Saved me so much time. I like the little brush because it can get in the little spaces in between the hubcap. The small one is also great for cleaning the grout lines. I would’ve never been able to clean them so well before.


10 Amit A.
Verified Buyer

Very simple to use, and so many different purposes. I just purchased some more because I’ve got so many ideas from just the first order. I’ve used them to mount extension cords to walls so I don’t trip over them and can clear up the floor, pretty much just keeping all wires and stuff nice and organized. It’s a very good organizational device.


9.8 Shila D.
Verified Buyer

I’m OBSESSED! What do I not use these for? I’ve tried some other double sided tapes and stuff before, but they just ripped the paint off my wall. These leave no damage or residue. . These pads are thick enough that you feel like they will last several years of repeated use. I’ve had the same ones for months now and they switch easily between different applications from holding phones to tablets to locking valuables securely on shelves. I think it’s well worth buying -- especially at this price! Saves you money to from damaging walls by drilling holes.


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